Terms and Conditions.

A. Donating to L2Rebirth using or any method listed on the next page is voluntary.
completely unnecessary to be able to play on this server.

B. L2Rebirth is a free server.

C. By submitting any type of currency to L2Rebirth, you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from L2Rebirth.

D. This form of donation is completely voluntary and is for the improvement of the server.

E. Donations are focused on keeping the server online, we do not intend to profit from them.

F. Rewards are given to those who have donated as a thank you for their continued support of the server.

G. By submitting a donation via PayPal or any method to L2Rebirth, you agree to the terms presented in the following statements (1-9):

1. The donation will not be refunded.
2. You will not dispute the charges incurred in your PayPal account for your voluntary donation.
3. You realize that it is a voluntary donation and, being a donation, it is not refundable.
4. Understand the concept of "donation" and "volunteer", and accept all the above-mentioned rules (subsections A and B).
5. If you do not agree to these terms, or cannot fulfill this contract, please do not send any donations.
6. If the reward received in response to a donation or donations was stolen / lost / misplaced / dropped in-game, we will not be responsible for its recovery..
7. Any attempt at fraud in the donation system will lead to permanent deletion of your account (s) and permanent ban on HWID.
8. Being a donater does not grant you any special privileges. We treat all of our players the same.
9. By submitting a donation, you agree to these terms and conditions.